Alitine Blumenthal-Bouten early bowl

Alitine Blumenthal-Bouten early bowl. Made in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland, in the pottery she ran for a short while when her husband Otto August Hermann Blumenthal had died. The pottery was founded by Blumenthal and his first wife Fanny Schlatter. Made ca. 1949. Excellent condition. Marked with impressed mark. Height app. 7 cm and diameter app. 15 […]

Alitine Blumenthal-Bouten unique vase

Alitine Blumenthal-Bouten unique vase in Nienhuis style. Alitine Blumenthal-Bouten was born in 1923 in The Hague and studied under W.H. de Vries at the Kunstnijverheidsschool in Amsterdam. This large and impressive vase was made in the 1950’s and is signed “A. Blumenthal”. Height app. 35 cm and in excellent condition. –SOLD–