Alitine Blumenthal-Bouten early bowl

Alitine Blumenthal-Bouten early bowl. Made in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland, in the pottery she ran for a short while when her husband Otto August Hermann Blumenthal had died. The pottery was founded by Blumenthal and his first wife Fanny Schlatter. Made ca. 1949. Excellent condition. Marked with impressed mark. Height app. 7 cm and diameter app. 15 […]

Alitine Blumenthal-Bouten unique vase

Alitine Blumenthal-Bouten unique vase in Nienhuis style. Alitine Blumenthal-Bouten was born in 1923 in The Hague and studied under W.H. de Vries at the Kunstnijverheidsschool in Amsterdam. This large and impressive vase was made in the 1950’s and is signed “A. Blumenthal”. Height app. 35 cm and in excellent condition. –SOLD–    

Hans de Jong, 1973

Hans de Jong, figurine  1973. Title: “Kniertje, de vis wordt duur betaald”. Signed and dated. One of a series of 8 farm ladies. Also presented on the 1976 exhibition in Boijmans van Beuningen and catalogued in “Omtrent Bakbeesten en Vuurlanders”. Signed and dated. Height app. 28 cm. -Sold-

Henny Radijs, abstract object 1977

Zwaar abstract object door Henny Radijs, 1977. Hoogte ca. 22 cm en lengte ca. 26 cm. In goede staat, heeft een kleine glazuurbeschadiging aan de bodem. Abstract, very heavy object by Henny Radijs. Excellent condition with a very minor glaze flaw on the bottom. Signed and dated 1977. Height app. 22 cm. and width app. […]

Henny Radijs 1973

Abstract object, Henny Radijs 1973. Hoogte ca. 14,5 cm. Dit exemplaar staat afgebeeld op pag. 31 van het boek “Henny Radijs 1915-1991”. Brown abstract object by Henny Radijs. Signed and dated 1973. Height app. 14,5 cm.

Henny Radijs 1975

Bolvorm door Henny Radijs, 1975. Hoogte ca. 19,5 cm. Dit exemplaar is afkomstig uit de nalatenschap van Henny Radijs en staat afgebeeld in het boek op pag. 36. Double form by Henny Radijs. Signed and dated 1975. Height app. 19,5 cm.

Johnny Rolf 1963

Early pot with lid by Johnny Rolf. Provenance: Van Achterbergh collection. Cf. catalogue “De Pottenkijker”, page 132-133 (where it is erroneously said to be dated 1962). Signed and dated 1963. Height app. 18 cm. and diameter app. 21,5 cm. Price: € 350,-

Jan de Rooden 1959

Large lidded jar/pot by Jan de Rooden. Provenance: Van Achterbergh collection (one of the first pieces of Dutch ceramics the collector bought, november 1959). Cf. catalogue “De Pottenkijker”, page 130-131. Signed and and dated 1959. Height app. 21 cm. Note: minute spot on the bottom ring.

Lies Cosijn 1960

Figurine by Lies Cosijn: ‘Lama-paard’. Provenance: Van Achterbergh collection. Cf. catalogue “De Pottenkijker”, page 6-7. Signed according to above mentioned catalogue. Height app. 16 cm. and length app. 17 cm. Excellent condition with a minor rough spot on the snout.